Mission 2-Tutororial (Required)


   You've been asked by Jeremie to keep Aileta safe while everyone's on vacation. A friend of yours has offered to op for you while you're on, as Jeremie is also going to be on vacation.
         1)You must be Level 1
         2)You may perform this Mission repeatedly until you pass
         3)You can only have 3 people on your team (Including Aileta) at any time during this Mission.
         4)You must defeat all of the creatures you come across.
         5)If Aileta dies, you automatically lose the Mission.

TIP: Collect regenerative items, but use them sparingly, as creatures drop Restoratives.

Mission 1-Introduction

This Mission Is Required For All Members

I'd like you to introduce yourself! Plain and simple as that...

Notices: You are REQUIRED to email me your character design before participating in ANY mission!!! The Template for character design can be found on the userinfo page, and my email address is Rikushadow5@gmail.com


Welcome to Code Lyoko!!!!
I hope that you've read the rules, as they are a requirement for the next mission...
As of yet, im the only member :(
but i hope this changes...