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The BEST Code Lyoko Stratigic RP
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Having an awesome RolePlayingGame based on Code Lyoko
This is the RolePlaying Journal for ANYONE wishing to take part in one of the Lyoko Warrior's Missions.

Before you start, however, I have to set down some rules:

Rule#1:I reserve the right to kick you out of this game approximately WHENEVER I feel like it. Fourtunately I don't normally feel like it, but I still can.
Rule#2:There are NO CHEATS in this game unless I happen to think that you need it. Like Odd cant have an infinite amount of no-fail homing LazrArrows.You will have limitations.Deal with them.
Rule#3:Only Moderators(referred to as "Operators" in here) can Post a Mission. If you want to try your hand at Operating, Email me.
Rule#4:You MUST have a Lyoko ID(joined the community) to participate in any of this communitys Missions, Events, ECT.
Rule#5:The RETURN TO THE PAST program can only be initiated by an Operator.Anyone else doing this will be considered to be CHEATING, breaking rule#2.
Rule#6:I reserve the right to make up new rules as I feel like it.I will usually Inform you when i have done so, and it is your responsiblity to do follow them.

Well with that out of the way, its time to get into the actual gameplay:

You HAVE to have a character, otherwise you're nobody.

STEP1:Some basic info emailed to rikushadow5@gmail.com :
Your LJ ID:your LJ username, so i can freaking approve you.
Name:What we should call you.You cant use a name from the show.
Gender:Male or Female Character?
Class:What class are you?(pick one)
Swordsman(ulrich).........Mid Attack, Mid Energy, Mid Speed
Mage(Aileta)..............Low Attack, High Energy, ??? Speed
Heavy Blade(William)......High Attack, ??? Energy, Low Speed
Archer(Odd)...............??? Attack, ??? Energy, High Speed
MonsterCoordinator(williamV2)....??? on all Stats
Operator(Jerimie)(subclass)....your old stats
Real-world(you dont enter lyoko)Choose Your Stats
Twin Blade(Yumi..kinda)...Low Attack, Mid Energy, HIgh Speed
Valence(merge with others souls,better combined attacks)(subclass)
Side:Lyoko, XANA, or NUETRAL
Your Ideal look on lyoko:you may not get it, but id like it anywho. i prefer that you describe in words, but if you can pull off drawing it well, that's fine too.
A basic rundown of your personality:something quick, a Small paragraph will do.

STEP2:Me Emailing you your ACTUAL stats.This email will include your Lyoko ID. DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL.

STEP3:You getting your butt onto Livejournal and enetering this community.

Missions are posted often.Completing a mission gives you Mission Points, and some items for use on Lyoko, wich come in handy.Some Missions originate from the show, some are made up, some are a combonation of the 2.
STEP1:Looking at the posts and seeing if you havent done a mission yet.
STEP2:Joining a Mission.Some Missions are restricted to 1 player per group, others you can have up to 4 people in a group.Other missions are restricted to a specific class.Be sure that before you enter a mission, you make sure you can fullfill the requirements.
STEP3:Performing the mission.
STEP4:Completing the Mission.This is usually signified by the Operator Saying:RETURN TO THE PAST or MISSON COMPLETE!!!. You then get your rewards.
STEP5:Repeat if you want to.
MISSION INCOMPLETES:Sometimes things happen, wich means XANA wins(unless you're on his side). If you Die during battle in the real world,or when the ANTI-DEVIRTULIZATION notice is active, you lose a life. The only way to get a life is by getting a Level that is a multiple of 5(5,10,15,20).You start out with 5 lives, and this MAX is increased by 1 every 10 levels.
Ways to die:Your LP reaches 0.You're Possesed by the Scyphazoa.The Sector you're in is Deleted.A teammate hits you.
If you die,the mission is incomplete.If you get killed or divirtualized, you have to recharge your Lyoko ID to try again.You can only Try a mission twice.I inform you when your Lyoko ID is Recharged.

A quick rundown on the battle system of Lyoko is in the Tutorial,wich is the first post. Here's a list of items often found on Lyoko.OPERATORS ARE NOT TO GIVE ITEMS THAT ARE NOT APPROVED BY XEMNAS_1 !!!!!
Heart of XANA:Used to increase DarkPoints. XANA's monsters occasionally drop these, but they cant be picked up by Players below Level5.Depending on what dropped it, the Heart of XANA can give the user from 1 to 5 DP.This item is activated upon pickup.
Potion:Used to recover LifePoints.Heals the user for 25 LP.Activated when the Player wants it to be activated.Can be used on teammates.
Ether:Used to recover Energy.Regenerates 25 E.Activated when the Player wants it to be activated.Can be used on teammates.
Elixr:The effects of an Ether and a Potion as one.Recovers 25 LP and 25 E.Can only be used on Player holding it inside battle.
SP orb:Useful for only Valence Subclass Players.Recovers from 1 to 5 Soul Points.
Resource:Increases Machine Resources by 5.

Machine Resources are transferred to the Operator to be used to summon Vehicles or Aiding Creatures, Divirtualize Players, and enter Sector 5, Carthage.
The following is the list of MR uses.

OVRBOARD:A flyiing skateboard.
MR required:15
OVRBIKE:A one-wheeled Motercycle
MR required:20
OVRWING:An air scooter.
MR required:15
UNDRBIKE:A one wheeled Motercycle with an emergency SOLSURFR concealed.
MR required:45
SUMMONFREINDLYCREATURE:just like the name.MR for this skill varies.consult your Operator.
DEVIRTUALIZETEAM:Divirtualizes whole team.
MR required:10 per teammate.
DEVIRTULIZEPLYR:Divirtualizes a single target player.
MR required:20
RELOADAMMO:reloads archer ammo.takes 2 turns to activate.
MR required:1 per arrow per level.(ex: LV 1 with 10 arrows=10 MR)
OVERLOAD:Perform your Overload attack.
MR required:5 per level.

An Overload attack causes you to use all of your energy in one shot, creating a powerful attack that engulfs a large area.Unfourtunately, this leaves your character with 1% of it's MAX LP and no Energy, no DP and no SP.you also cant use items for 3 turns after you perform the Overload attack.Archers also lose all of their ammo in this attack.Unfourtunatley it also costs MR.
The advantages to an Overload attack is that it hits ALL enimies in a large radius, hitting enimies you may not be in battle with yet.its unwise for anybody under LV5 to attempt an Overload Attack,as it is usually not strong enough to do more than annoy the opponent.Overload attacks should also only be performed when in a group, as they leave you helpless for a while.

When you fill up your Dark Gauge, you can enter XANAmode, a state of partial XANAfication.
XANAmode allows you to perform more powerful attacks and combos, but it wears off after a few turns.Only Players LV5 or higher can access XANAmode.

Well that's about it for now...the head Operator is me, Xemnas_1, and i look forward to a great game!!!